Tender (Android)

Search business tenders issued in South Africa and share them via social media. You can search by Province, Industry and Tender expiry date.

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This application converts PDF's documents to Audio(MP3) and stores them in the same folder as the pdf.
Convert files for free.

Zwide Heights is a free online file conversion service, covering a wide range of different image, document and music.
One can convert documents to audio, pdf to doc, doc to pdf and image to text.
Supported file formats: doc, txt, pdf, wav, au, aiff, aiff-c, mp3, snd, tiff, jpeg, gif, png, bmp and more.

Zwide Heights Document Converter, converts documents between different office formats. It can convert OpenDocument formats to Microsoft Office formats and vice versa.
Convert youtube music videos to music.

Convert documents and images using OPC(optical character recognition) to other formats.
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Our service automates all conversions supported by, including
  • Microsoft Office to OpenDocument, and viceversa
    • Word to OpenDocument Text (odt), OpenDocument Text (odt) to Word
    • Excel to OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods), OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ods) to Excel
    • PowerPoint to OpenDocument Presentation (odp), OpenDocument Presentation (odp) to PowerPoint
  • Any format to PDF
    • OpenDocument (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation) to PDF
    • Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to PDF
    • RTF to PDF, WordPerfect to PDF, ...
  • And more
    • OpenDocument Presentation (odp) to Flash, PowerPoint to Flash
    • RTF to OpenDocument, WordPerfect to OpenDocument
    • Any format to HTML (with limitations)
    • Support for 1.0 and old StarOffice formats

Supported Formats
Text Formats
From (any of) To (any of)
OpenDocument Text (*.odt) Portable Document Format (*.pdf) 1.0 Text (*.sxw) OpenDocument Text (*.odt)
Rich Text Format (*.rtf) 1.0 Text (*.sxw)
Microsoft Word (*.doc) Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
WordPerfect (*.wpd) Microsoft Word (*.doc)
Plain Text (*.txt) Plain Text (*.txt)
HTML1 (*.html) HTML2 (*.html)
MediaWiki wikitext (*.wiki)

Spreadsheet Formats
From (any of) To (any of)
OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods) Portable Document Format (*.pdf) 1.0 Spreadsheet (*.sxc) OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods)
Microsoft Excel (*.xls) 1.0 Spreadsheet (*.sxc)
Comma-Separated Values (*.csv) Microsoft Excel (*.xls)
Tab-Separated Values (*.tsv) Comma-Separated Values (*.csv)
Tab-Separated Values (*.tsv)
HTML2 (*.html)

Presentation Formats
From (any of) To (any of)
OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp) Portable Document Format (*.pdf) 1.0 Presentation (*.sxi) Macromedia Flash (*.swf)
Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt) OpenDocument Presentation (*.odp) 1.0 Presentation (*.sxi)
Microsoft PowerPoint (*.ppt)
HTML2 (*.html)

Drawing Formats
From (any of) To (any of)
OpenDocument Drawing (*.odg) Scalable Vector Graphics (*.svg)
Macromedia Flash (*.swf)